The 20th Convocation of the College of Tourism & Hotel Management (COTHM) Pakistan & Dubai, was held on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 at Royal Grand Hall, Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore. A total of 200 students were awarded qualifications in various programs namely hospitality, culinary arts, baking & patisserie and travel and tourism management, while 60 students received medals and appreciation certificates on the basis of outstanding academic performance.

The Convocation was attended by Mr. Nauman Ahmad Langrial, Honorable Minister of Agriculture, who was also the Chief Guest on the occasion. Among the Guests of Honor includes Ms. Susan Hindley, Director of Quality & Development of Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) UK,Mr. Nisar Chaudhry, Director Operations, Yum Group of Restaurants, Mr. Mian Shahid Mehmood, Director COTHM Johar Town Campus.

Addressing on the occasion, Mr. Ahmad Shafiq, CEO COTHM Pakistan & Dubai, said that we have reached a significant milestone in the history of our institution and are embarking on a new journey as well. He congratulated all the graduating students and reminded them that their dreams have come true this year with the blessings of Allah, the prayers of their parents, and their own hard work. Mr. Ahmad Shafiq said that there is absolutely no doubt in his mind that all the graduates assembled here today are among the best in the world and have the potential to assume leadership roles in the international hospitality, travel and tourism industry. He added that the world of hospitality, travel and tourism is awaiting their contributions and the knowledge and expertise acquired at COTHM will surely lead them to a scintillating career in the industry.

Enumerating the successes of COTHM over the past years, Mr. Ahmad Shafiq said that COTHM has expanded its network in all major cities of Pakistan reaching a mark of fourteen campuses. Outlining important international development plans for the future, he said that COTHM is moving to the global market by setting up its first overseas campus in Dubai, UAE and will expand later it to globally. It will create opportunities for the youth of Pakistan to get connected with the growing international hospitality industry and facilitate our students in the international job market. This would also enable them to become part of a global educational network.

Delivering the Convocation Address, the Chief Guest Honorable Mr. Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfaraz said that COTHM is not just an academic institution but an idea and a vision. He lauded the role of COTHM in leading the youth towards economic empowerment through meaningful education and training.  He said, COTHM does not just prepare graduates equipped with market driven skills but produces graduates who are able to discover their own identity and serve the hospitality, travel and tourism industry in true sense of the word.

The Convocation was attended by educationists, hospitality industry professionals, dignitaries, journalists, notables of the civil society, graduating students and their parents.