The Great Pyramid of Giza is widely considered one of the marvellous architectures of all times, and many people believe that these structures were actually built by extra-terrestrial beings who visited the earth in the ancient times. Most historians and archaeologists often explore Egypt more to learn about pyramids, but the interesting fact is that Sudan, another African country, is also home to several gigantic pyramids.

Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt?

The news about Sudanese pyramids initially went viral when twitter page ‘AfricaDigest’ posted a tweet about the marvellous architectures in the African land. In the post, the user urged African governments to launch a study to unveil the mysteries surrounding the Sudanese pyramids. The post also argued that Europeans will soon come and explore Sudanese pyramids if the Africans fail to initiate an exploration mission.

“Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt but Africans as people do not invest in research, studies, documentation or just preservations of heritage. Soon someone from Europe will come and re-write the Sudanese pyramid story and we’ll start complaining and whining like children,” tweeted AfricaDigest.

Who built these pyramids?

Many people believe that humans in the ancient days were not capable enough to build these marvellous structures. As per conspiracy theorists, it was aliens who helped humans to build these ancient architectures. These conspiracy theorists strongly argue that extra-terrestrial beings from the outer space used to visit humans during the ancient times, and they used to provide several technologies to build structures like pyramids or the Stonehenge.

There are many ancient cave paintings which depict flying saucers and aliens all across the globe, and conspiracy theorists consider these drawings a solid proof of alien existence.

Recently, Giorgio Tsoukalos, the television host who became popular for presenting ‘Ancient Aliens’ in History Channel claimed that ancient humans have misunderstood alien visitors as Gods due to their technological advancement.

Tsoukalos also alleged that archaeologists are not paying enough attention toward such evidence of alien visitors to ancient relics. According to Giorgio, extra-terrestrial travellers also used to wear space suits during the inter-space travel.



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