As the Holy Month of Ramadan, marked as a Ninth Islamic month
in the Muslim calendar around the globe, reflects a special
time of personal as well as religious reflection, self-discipline
and is characterized by acts of kindness, charitable acts,
companionships and fasts.

XOOP, by taking the employee engagement activities to another level,
each year graciously organizes Annual Iftar Dinner for all its
employees. The idea is to increase greater sense of employee
understanding by promoting motivation among employees through
rewarding and recognizing their dedication and achievements.
Hence, insuring high morale amongst the employee and enhance
the chance of attaining long term business objectives overall.
This Ramadan, for the North Stations, XOOP organized its Annual
Iftar Dinner at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, while Karachi’s
Iftar Dinner was held at the Marriot Hotel. In attendance were
all white collar and blue collar employees, and with a greater
sense of motivation, awards of recognition were presented to
employees on completion of their one year with the company.
Such meaningful and productive corporate events facilitate the
employees to contribute more towards company’s progress and
most importantly promote a sense of encouragement for employees
to adapt to the company’s values along with the culture.


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