The management of Hotel Mehran hosted a lavish Iftar cum dinner to introduce to citizens its month-long Iftar dinner facility.

Hotel Mehran’s Iftar dinner has 100 dishes that including a tantalising Pakistani and continental menu to cater to the yearnings of people to break their fast after a long and grueling day.

People attending Hotel Mehran’s Ifter-diiner will have a chance to win expensive gifts sponsored by multi-national companies which include air tickets, motorcycles and consumer goods which is sponsored by ZIC, Shangrila, Pespi, Olivia, Laziza, Pakola, Candyland, GoodMilk, SuperPower, Krone, Hemani, Mezan, Mehran Food, InterFood, HypeMarketing, Aquafina , SereneAir.

The consuls general of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand were special guests of honour at Hotel Mehran’s inaugural Iftar dinner. The inauguration ceremony was inaugurated by the hotel’s General Manager Akhter Riaz.

Speaking to media, Mr Akhter Riaz said the unique dishes of the four provinces and different regions of Pakistan had been prepared to allow guests to savour the rich flavors of Pakistan.

Director Marketing Yasir Ahmed said Hotel Mehran had a tradition of offering the best Iftar-dinner and this year’s Iftar-dinner was more lavish than previous editions.

Acting Japanese Consul General MR Katsunori Ashida (Noori) said that he was a great fan of Pakistani food especially Biryani, Nihari, Paya and barbeque.

Thai Consul General Thatree Chauvachata said he was impressed by the 100 dishes spread. He said he was a fan of chicken karahi and chicken biryani.

Hotel Mehran Iftar-dinner festivities will continue till Chand Raat, says a press release.


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