The Kalash people recently celebrated the Savilakehari event as part of Chitirmas festival.

The event was part and parcel of the Chitirmas, or Chawmoss festival to mark the arrival of winter in the Ramboor, Bamburet and Birrir valleys.

During Savilakehari festival, men, women and children wearing new and colourful clothes gather at a place and sing love songs for each other. They dance together and praise each other.

Young Kalash girls wear boy’s dresses and boys clad themselves in girl’s clothes and dance in chorus. They express their feelings for each other and announce their marriage.

The community has already celebrated Mandahek and Sharaberayak festivals. A great hustle and bustle was witnessed in Kalash valleys as people celebrated the Chitirmas festival with enthusiasm.

People in Ramboor, Bamburet and Birrir valleys seemed excited and happy with the celebration of every event as part of Chitirmas festival.

Men, women and children made various items and toy animals of wheat flour and distributed them.

They made toy animals like cows, markhor and symbols of their ancestors from the flour and baked them in the fire. These toy animals then placed in the sun.

A number of foreign tourists reached Kalash valley to enjoy the event with the indigenous tribe.


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