The highest-earning air route across the world have been revealed in a survey conducted by the global air travel research company OAG that analyzed route revenues between April 2017 and March 2018. Five of the top revenue earners are either to or from London Heathrow.

The top scorer is British Airways’ service from Heathrow to New York that draws in a billion dollars a year.

This route between London and JFK generates about six per cent of BA’s total revenue and made as much as $24,639 on an hourly basis in the time-frame that was analysed  by a research brand.

But then it is not quite the highest hourly earner. The accolade goes to Emirates that had been able to earn an overwhelming $25,308 from the London Heathrow to Dubai route.

But then, overall service came third in the rankings with $819 million that was generated in a year.

After BA’s London to JFK service, the next highest earning is the Qantas route between Melbourne and Sydney, making $854million (£639million). It is the highest-earning domestic route in the rankings.

In the fourth place is Singapore Airlines’ service from Heathrow to Singapore, which earned $709million (£531million).

American Airlines route between Los Angeles and New York’s JFK, which made $698million (£522million) is in the fifth position.

Following closely behind is the United Airlines service from San Francisco to Newark on $687million (£514million).

Another Heathrow service comes in seventh – Cathay Pacific’s route from London to Hong Kong, which made $631million (£473million).

This is followed by the Qatar Airways route from London Heathrow to Doha, which raked in $552million (£413million) for the carrier.

Air Canada featured ninth in the rankings. Its route between Vancouver and Toronto made $552million (£413million).

Rounding off the top ten is the Sydney to Singapore route on Singapore Airlines, which made $543million (£407million


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