Students of Skillston Institute of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management on self initiative, prepared quality Iftar Meal for distribution outside Central Campus to general masses without any discretion.

Entire support & cooperation was provided by the management to students, in terms of best quality raw material & packaging supplies. Students prepared delicious Iftar Meal & Drink Packs under professional guidance of qualified Chefs.

Executive Director Skillston Mr. Riaz Memon appreciated the efforts of students and distributed “Certificates” to all participating ones, sharing his message that, “We remain humble & submissive to Sole All Mighty Allah, treading on the path as gifted to us via last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). We are the people for the people to serve. May Allah guide us all best throughout our journey of life and grace the blessings & practices of Ramadan be carried out all rest eleven months as well.Ameen”.


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